Atlantis - The First and Only Practical Imagery Newsletter!

Atlantis is a newsletter published bimonthly that gives you practical information in the field of imagery. Atlantis gives you useful ideas and techniques each issue - information that you can put into practice immediately. After reading an issue of Atlantis, you will not have to ask yourself if anything useful came out of it. You will be able to test the information on yourself and on your very next patient!

Imagery has been an exciting adventure for those practicing it . . . and Atlantis is equally exciting. But what if you are already well-versed in imagery? Is Atlantis for you? Yes, of course, and I'll tell you why. Once you begin using imagery in your work, you can never get enough of it . . . at least that is my experience and the experience of every leading professional in the field . . . and Atlantis is for doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers . . . virtually all health professionals.

We know there are thousands, perhaps millions, of people using imagery, either on themselves, or in clinical practice. And we know there are thousands of others who could benefit from using the same information. You are in the position now of receiving very focused information - From the thousands of professionals already using imagery and from the extraordinary experiences of our contributing editors. More later about our editors.

Atlantis will teach you how to begin using imagery . . . and will help you grow in your skills, no matter what your level of expertise. Imagery is a tool that "only gets better with time". You will never get enough of it. And it will never become outdated, old or lifeless.

You wouldn't consider working with someone with heart disease and not helping him set up an exercise program . . . and you wouldn’t consider not advising him to change his diet, to cut down on cholesterol, to give up cigarettes. And yet most of us wouldn't think twice about changing the steady diet of negative images so many of our patients consume . . . at least that was until - Atlantis.

Science has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that negative images can effect us at a physical level. So why does medical science ignore this reality? Because until Atlantis there was no clearing house for this vital information. Finally there is a forum, a place for case histories to be talked about, a place for leaders in this emerging field to be heard. It is no wonder that, since the birth of Atlantis in 1988, so many leaders in the field have enthusiastically accepted our invitation to be part of our editorial staff.

Atlantis will help you become an even more powerful healer than you already are, whether you are treating mental or physical illness . . . and, as an added bonus, the practical techniques you will learn in Atlantis will help you feel even more balanced and satisfied in your personal life. And for our last imagery of this letter - can you guess what it is? Imagine yourself quickly receiving the newsletter that will dramatically add to and complement your current skills as a healer . . . Imagine yourself attaining your personal goals and dreams.

It has been a pleasure introducing you to Atlantis and the world of imagery,


Dennis Gersten, M.D.

P.S. Americans pay more money out-of-pocket to see alternative or complementary therapists, including imagery specialists, than they do for all primary care physicians combined! Everybody knows that diet, exercise, and imagery are essential components of health and healing. We welcome you to join the growing number of people who have come to take the power of imagery for granted.

P.P.S. Since our first issue in 1988, Atlantis has been breaking ground with articles by Larry Dossey, M.D., Bernie Siegel, M.D., Martin Rossman, M.D., David Bresler, Ph.D., Jeanne Achterberg, Ph.D., Pepe Romero, Peter Jensen, Ph.D., Barbara Dossey, R.N., Janet Quinn, R.N., Ph.D., Inge Corless, R.N., Ph.D. — to name a few of our 27 contributing editors. They're more than good. They're the best.

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