Atlantis Helps You with Your Personal Growth

The primary focus of Atlantis is to decrease the suffering of your patients and clients and to make you a more powerful healer. The secondary focus, and in many ways an even more gratifying aspect of imagery work, is how it affects that important person we spoke about earlier - YOU. Atlantis will bring you techniques that will assist you in clarifying and achieving your dreams.

Atlantis will report to you the facts about how imagery has been used by top people in many fields, helping them clarify and achieve their dreams - people in business, sports, entertainment, and the arts. In the field of sports, the use of imagery has become a thoroughly developed science. Imagery has become a vital component of most Olympic training programs around the world.

Why does imagery work in athletic performance? One of the earliest pioneers, C.F. Jacobson, demonstrated in l929 that if one imagines a certain body movement, the appropriate motor neurons are activated . . . the actual muscles involved in the activity begin "exercising". Thus, the Olympic skier who uses imagery to practice his event actually is taking all the necessary muscles through a "workout". We also know that if athletes practice their sport incorrectly in their head, they do worse on the playing field than if they had not used imagery at all. This, of course, shows why undoing a patient's negative images can help so dramatically . . . and why you will find Atlantis a must to read.

One of the reasons imagery is so helpful in reaching goals is that the very process of imagery illuminates the obstacles that you have been putting in your own way. When you can "see" your goal clearly and "see" the obstacle you must remove, you are well on your way to reaching your goal. Many of us say we have certain goals and dreams, but under closer scrutiny we realize that we often sabotage those very goals. Imagery is a powerful tool for discovering how you sabotage your success and learning whether or not you are 100% visualizing your own success. Imagery helps you get your conscious and unconscious minds in perfect alignment, so that on every level you are working toward your goals.

But imagery is much more than dreaming your greatest dream. It's about learning to "cut the ties" from outdated relationships, habit patterns, or addictions. It's not just a tool to help you overcome obstacles. It's an incredible MindBody technique that helps lead you to wholeness and deep peace of mind.

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