Overcome Burnout

When you begin using imagery, you will find that not only are your patients feeling better . . . you will be feeling better also. As every one of you knows, being a health professional has its own intrinsic stresses built into the field . . . whether you are a doctor, nurse, psychologist, social worker, or other health professional. It is a great blessing that we are able to use our energy and talents to help others. At the same time, many of us neglect one important person - ourselves.

How can the imagery techniques you learn in Atlantis help you feel better and avoid the burnout that is a common problem in our profession? There are several ways it works. You will learn techniques that allow you to recharge before and after seeing patients. In addition, the process of imagery is itself a very relaxing experience. You will be relaxing at the same time your patients are relaxing.

There is one more important reason you feel rejuvenated when you begin using mental imagery with your patients. It is exciting. Have you ever felt bored as you dealt with one patient or client after another? If not, you are probably using imagery. When you use imagery, your work becomes more exciting. You become energized . . . not drained!

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