Imagery Alters Physiology

Imagery is not some magical hocus-pocus. Scientists have explored the effect of imagery on physiology for over 60 years. Atlantis will tell you their findings. It will keep you up-to-date on the latest scientific developments and show you how to use those findings to help your patients.

Scientists have found that imagery has a dramatic influence on both the voluntary and involuntary (autonomic) nervous system. Scientists have proven that imagery enhances the immune system, increases or decreases salivation, alters skin resistance, and affects vascular tone. Imagery also changes muscle activity and respiration. Atlantis shows you how to alter your patients' physiology in the direction you choose.

Sexual imagery also produces physiological changes. Imagery is a powerful tool to assist in treating sexual dysfunction.

Images can produce changes in blood glucose, blister formation and gastrointestinal activity. Imagining yourself in a peaceful, safe environment slows down heart rate, lowers blood pressure, slows respiration and opens the airway. How many patients could benefit from those effects?

On the other hand, powerful images of negative childhood experiences are accompanied by increased heart rate as well as changes in respiration, eye movement, and galvanic skin response. Scientists have proven that fearful images cause changes in heart rate, muscle tension and skin resistance levels. The implications of this are far-reaching. As you practice the techniques you learn in Atlantis, your patients undergo physiological changes that will speed their recovery.

Perhaps the most exciting news is that imagery can influence the immune system. As this technology becomes more refined, we will be better able to protect ourselves against infections and cancer. We already know we have another tool to help us cope with AIDS . . . but how good a tool is it? In the worst case, patients with cancer and AIDS feel better about themselves and their diseases when using imagery. In the best case, their immune systems are strengthened.

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