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Listening to your symptoms

Beginning the Dialogue

And then I ask them to imagine that the image can answer back. I might say, "Give the image a voice and let it answer you. Listen and observe carefully. Let the image respond." The image tends to come to life at this point. Sometimes the person and the image are expressing a lot of negative emotions with eachother in the beginning. In a way it's like couple's counseling where a therapist might encourage people to express feelings with eachother that they've held inside for a long time. It's kind of like lancing an abscess. The bad stinky stuff comes out first, but that allows healing to come in.

After awhile, you want to begin asking the image a series of questions like: "Why are you here?" And letting it answer. "What do you want from me?" "How do you function in me as a whole person?" "What do you need from me?" A very important question is "What are you trying to do for me?" Sometimes the image will answer that it's trying to protect the person from something or someone.

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