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Listening to your symptoms

Feelings About the Image

After exploring the qualities of the image, I ask someone what kind of feelings they're having as they observe the image. And they might say, "It kind of scares me," "It makes me angry," or "It's ruining my life. I want it to be gone." I'll generally ask them two or three times what other feelings they have because people usually have a mixture of feelings. It's not surprising when people say they're scared, angry or mistrustful...but after you ask them a couple of times, they go a little deeper and may say, "I kind of feel sorry for it. I pity it." "I just don't know why it's there." When I sense that they've gotten pretty clear on the feelings, I ask them to express those feelings directly to the image...all of them. "I'm afraid of you. You're hurting me. I wish you'd go away. Stop. I also feel a little sorry for you because you look so pitiful."

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