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Listening to your symptoms

Qualities of the Image

"What qualities does this image convey to you?" This question is the first step that helps us get under the skin of the image and get into the real meaning. An example comes to mind of a woman I worked with in a demonstration who had had arm pain for a couple of years. She related that she had the pain while she was taking care of her dying grandfather. She had an image come up of angle irons in her arms. People might say, "How do you dialogue with an angle iron?" We need to realize that images are animistic. Every image is alive and can communicate with you. You can certainly imagine you can communicate with it and that it can communicate back.

As she explored the qualities, she described the angle irons as very rigid, cold, hard, unbending, unyielding. Later on she related that these were qualities of her grandfather who had raised her. She had a lot of issues with him, some of which were resolved while she was caring for him while he was dying...but some of her feelings remained hidden and unexpressed. So she felt pain and paralysis in her arms.

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